Scientific activity

IAMR basic research trends

1. Study of the problems of discrete mathematics, mathematical programming, probability theory, mathematical and applied statistics.

2. Study and development of methods of mathematical and informational modelling to solve ecological, energy and other problems of the natural and social-cultural environment of the Republic of Karelia.
3. Study and development of information and telecommunications systems to provide for conducting basic research.

The following scientific problems are being solved in this context:

  • theoretical research in mathematics and applied statistics;
  • development of mathematical modelling software using statistical methods;
  • application of mathematical modelling methods and software to solve various scientific research tasks;
  • investigations into and development of information-telecommunications systems for fundamental research;
  • investigation into and development of artificial intelligence systems;
  • automation of the transport and power systems design;
  • development of the power objects' simulation systems and study of the spacial-temporal distribution of renewable energy resources in Karelia.

  • Scientific activity
    Last modified: October 4, 2011