December 23, 2020
Internet users can help scientists search for a drug against COVID-19. The Research Associate Natalia Nikitina has implemented a system through which participants of the volunteer computing effort can connect to the international project COVID.SI and contribute to the fight against the pandemic.
August 17, 2020
On August 17, 2020 the 2nd International workshop УStochastic Modeling and Applied Research of Technology (SMARTY 2020)Ф started at the Karelian Research Centre RAS. Scientists and specialists from around the globe will share the results of their research on theoretical, algorithmic and methodological aspects of the queueing theory, stochastic modeling and game theory. During three days, an international team of participants from Russia, the USA, Canada, India, Israel, Austria and Sweden will discuss applied problems related to a wide range of technical systems.
The workshop is co-organized by the Institute of Applied Mathematical Research KarRC RAS, Petrozavodsk State University, and CMS College Kottayam.