Networking allocation games & resource. Preprint volume

Eitan Altman, Tanya Jimenez, R. Nunez-Queija, U. Yechiali
"Optimal routing among */M/1 queues with partial information"

Eitan Altman, Rachid El-Azouzi, T.Basar, R.Srikant
"Competitive Flow Control in General Topology Networks"

Elena Cherepanova
"Limit distribution of the number of pairs in the one urn scheme"

Arnaud Delenda
"On auctions mechanism for network resource sharing"

S.F.El-Zogdhy, H. Kameda, J.Li
"Numerical studies on Braess-Like Paradoxes for Non-Cooperative Load Balancing in Distributed Computer Systems"

Nikolay Kazimirov
"The asymptotic of the big components in the generalized scheme of allocation"

Vladimir Mazalov, Anna Rettieva
"On the reserved territory approach in bioresources management problem"

Vladimir Mazalov, Minoru Sakaguchi
"Location game on the plane"

Leon A. Petrosjan
"Game-Theoretic Models in Distributed Search Systems"

T.E.S. Raghavan
"Assignment games with stable core"

Nahum Shimkin
"Equilibrium Abandonment Profiles for Queues with Rational Customers"

Artur Suchwalko, Krzysztof Szajowski
"Extention of Bruss' problem to chosing the best or the second best option"

Corinne Touati, Jerome Galtier, Eitan Altman
"Semi-Definite Programming Approach for Bandwidth Allocation and Routing in Networks"

Corinne Touati, Eitan Altman, Jerome Galtier
"Nash Bargaining in Bandwidth Allocation with Applications to Mobile and Satellite Communications"

Aleksandr Vasin, N. Durakovich
"Imperfect Competition in Holland Auction"

Y. Yoshida, M.Yasuda, J. Nakagami and M. Kurano
"The Mean Value with Evaluation Measures and a Zero-Sum Stopping Game with Fuzzy Values"

Victor V. Zakharov
"Networking Game with Gap Payoff Functions"

Denis Zhuravlev
"The detection of computer network anomalies using the method of cumulative sums"

Networking allocation games & resource
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