A. N. Kirillov, A. M. Sazonov.
Mathematical Model of the Cyclic Process of Introducing New Technologies
// Journal of Mathematical Sciences. 2023. Pp. 835-846
Based on Schumpeter’s process of creative destruction, we propose a qualitative model
of the cyclic process of introducing new technologies. The model consists of a variable
structure system with switchings between three globally stable dynamical subsystems.
The switchings between regimes make it possible to describe the process of departing
the system from the equilibrium state in the process of introducing new technologies.
The alternation of regimes implies lack of equilibrium for the variable structure system
despite the global stability of its subsystems. This mathematical fact corresponds to a
typical situation in real economic systems during the renovation period. The proposed
model shows the global cyclicity of the process of introducing new technologies. In the
case of an unsuccessful technology introduction, we establish the existence of a closed
trajectory of the system.
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