Н.А. Ермолин, В.А. Хитрая, А.В. Хитрый, В.В. Мазалов, Н.Н. Никитина.
Modeling of the City’s Transport Network Using Game-Theoretic Methods on the Example of Petrozavodsk
// Contributions to Game Theory and Management. Vol. 15. 2022. Pp. 18-31
Ключевые слова: transport network, correspondence matrix, centrality measures, equilibrium flows
The paper presents the results of modeling of the city's transport network. The effectiveness of the game-theoretic method for estimating the centrality of graph vertices using the Myerson value is demonstrated on the transport graph. Correspondences in the given graph are found with gravitational and entropy approaches, using the information about citizens and companies distributed by vertices in the graph. The results of computer calculations are represented on the transport network of the city of Petrozavodsk.
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