E.A. Aksenova, A.A. Lazutina, A.V. Sokolov.
About Optimal Management of FIFO-Queues in Two-Level Memory
//  Lobachevskii J Math 43. 2022. P. 828–836
Ключевые слова: FIFO-queues, data structures, absorbing Markov chains, random walks
The paper analyses the problem of optimal control of several parallel FIFO-queues located in two-level memory (for example, registers—random access memory). The probabilities of parallel operations with each queue are assumed to be known. Our task was to optimally partition the total fast memory between FIFO-queues and to determine for each queue in each partition the number of fast memory elements after redistributions, so that the mean time between queue redistributions is maximized. As optimality criteria for memory sharing, we consider the maximum sum of the average operating times of each queue before the memory is redistributed and the maximum shortest average operating time of each queue before the memory is redistributed. The mean time was calculated on the basis of a simulation model and on the basis of a model of an absorbing Markov chain.
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