Chirkova J., Mazalov V., Morozov E.
Equilibrium in a Queueing System with Retrials
// Mathematics, v.10(3). 2022. P. 428
Ключевые слова: Equilibrium arrivals; one-server queueing system; orbit; retrials
We find an equilibrium in a single-server queueing system with retrials and strategic timing of the customers. We consider a set of customers, each of which must decide when to arrive to a queueing system during a fixed period of time. In this system, after completion of service, the server seeks a customer blocked in a virtual orbit (orbital customer) to be served next, unless a new customer captures the server. We develop, in detail, a setting with two and three customers in the set, and formulate and discuss the problem for the general case with an arbitrary number of customers. The numerical examples for the system with two and three customers included as well
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