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Труды КарНЦ РАН. No 7. Сер. Математическое моделирование и информационные технологии
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Articles in journal:

B.Z. Belashev, N.V. Krutskikh, A.A. Gerasimova. Magnetic storms and pattern of emergency ambulance calls in Petrozavodsk5
B.Z. Belashev, M.Yu. Nilov. Georadar data processing by an automatic algorithm19
Yu.A. Dorofeeva. Management effects on the dynamics of opinions in a team28
Yu.V. Zaika, O.N. Bakhmet. Boundary value problem of CO2 transport in sandy forest soils34
Yu.V. Zaika, E.K. Kostikova. Numerical modeling of hydrogen thermal desorption peaks46
A.V. Ivanov. On probability measures with a maximum of quantization dimension57
A.V. Ivanov. On the relation between the classes of Fedorchuk and Rosenthal compacta62
A.N. Kirillov, I.V. Danilova. Dynamics of the biological wastewater treatment process under variable pollution input flow: invariant sets and stabilization67
M.M. Leri. On conditions of configuration graphs’ connectivity72
Yu.L. Pavlov. On the asymptotics of the degree structure of conditional internet graphs77
Yu.L. Pavlov. On the connectivity condition for an internet graph with a variable parameter of the vertex degree distribution84
E.V. Khvorostyanskaya. On the limit distribution of the maximum tree size in a Galton-Watson forest89
I.A. Cheplyukova. On the maximum vertex degree in a conditional configuration graph98
N.Yu. Enatskaya. Combinatorial analysis of the permutations with a fixed number of cycles110
N.Yu. Enatskaya. Combinatorial analysis of the scheme of allocation of distinguishable particles into distinguishable cells without empty cells120
Dates and anniversaries127
Yuri V. Zaika (on the 60th anniversary)127
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