Chernov I., Iakovlev N.
Coupling the Earth system model INMCM with the biogeochemical flux model
// Russian Journal of Numerical Analysis and Mathematical Modelling. Volume 33. Issue 6. 2018. Pp. 325-331
Ключевые слова: INMCM; INMOM; BFM; CMIP; climate change; climate model; pelagic ecology model; chlorophyll global pattern; numerical implementation; coupled Earth system model
In the present paper we consider the first results of modelling the World Ocean biogeochemistry system within the framework of the Earth system model: a global atmosphere-ocean-ice-land-biogeochemistry model. It is based on the INMCM climate model (version INMCM39) coupled with the pelagic ecosystem model BFM. The horizontal resolution was relatively low: 2∘ × 2.5∘ for the ‘longitude’ and ‘latitude’ in transformed coordinates with the North Pole moved to land, 33 non-equidistant σ-horizons, 1 hour time step. We have taken into account 54 main rivers worldwide with run–off supplied by the atmosphere submodel. The setup includes nine plankton groups, 60 tracers in total. Some components sink with variable speed. We discuss challenges of coupling the BFM with the σ-coordinate ocean model. The presented results prove that the model output is realistic in comparison with the observed data, the numerical efficiency is high enough, and the coupled model may serve as a basis for further simulations of the long-term climate change.
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