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Kiselev Y., Krizhanovsky A., Braslavski P., Menshikov I., Mukhin M., Krizhanovskaya N.
Russian Lexicographic Landscape: a Tale of 12 Dictionaries
// Computational Linguistics and Intellectual Technologies: papers from the Annual conference "Dialogue" (Moscow, May 27 – 30, 2015) Issue 14 (21). Vol. 1. Moscow, RGGU, 2015. Pp. 254-271
Keywords: lexical resource, dictionary, thesaurus, wordnet, Russian language
The paper reports on quantitative analysis of 12 Russian dictionaries at three levels: 1) headwords: the size and overlap of word lists, coverage of large corpora, and presence of neologisms; 2) synonyms: overlap of synsets in different dictionaries; 3) definitions: distribution of definition lengths and numbers of senses, as well as textual similarity of same-headword definitions in different dictionaries. The total amount of data in the study is 805,900 dictionary entries, 892,900 definitions, and 84,500 synsets. The study reveals multiple connections and mutual influences between dictionaries, uncovers differences in modern electronic vs. traditional printed resources, as well as suggests directions for development of new and improvement of existing lexical semantic resources.
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Last modified: October 19, 2015