Krizhanovskaya, Natalia B. Projects

  • (2018-2020 , Krizhanovsky, Andrew A., The Russian Fund for Basic Research, № 18-012-00117)
    The construction and developing of Open corpus of Veps and Karelian languages. The development of Vepsian corpus will continue. A corpus of dialects of the Karelian language (Karelian, Livvik and Ludic) and electronic dictionaries of these dialects will be created. Extralinguistic data (information about the author, text, informant, place of recording, etc.) will be added to texts in the corpus.
  • (2006-2008 , Titov, Alexander F., , контракт № 2006/121-239)
  • (2004-2005 , Ieshko, Evgeniy P., TACIS, 2003/061-024/20)
  • (2002-2004 , Ieshko, Evgeniy P., TACIS, CBC SPF project TSPF/03/02/0062)
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