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Математическая Теория Игр и ее Приложения, т. 13, в. 2
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Виктория Леонидовна Крепс (03.09 1945 – 03.03.2021)3
Alexander V. Kolnogorov, Alexander V. Nazin, Dmitry N. Shiyan. Two-armed bandit problem and batch version of the mirror descent algorithm9
Vyacheslav V. Sushkin. Sufficient condition for nondominated maximin strategy of arbitrary player with terminal payoff function in two-step positional game of n persons with strategies-syntheses and finite sets of controlli40
Julia V. Chirkova. Machine load balancing game with linear externalities62
Vladislav V. Shumov, Vsevolod O. Korepanov. Game-theoretic models of battle action80
Е.В. Громова. Письмо в редакцию118
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