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Чиркова Ю.В.
Игра баланса загрузки с линейными экстерналиями
// Математическая Теория Игр и ее Приложения, т. 13, в. 2. 2021. C. 62-79
Keywords: machine load balancing game, linear externalities, Nash equilibrium, price of anarchy
The Machine Load Balancing Game with linear externalities is considered. A set of jobs is to be assigned to a set of machines with different latencies depending on their own loads and also loads on other machines. Jobs choose machines to minimize their own latencies. The social cost of a schedule is the maximum delay among all machines, i.e.
makespan. For the case of two machines in this model a Nash equilibrium
existence is proven and the expression for the Price of Anarchy is
Indexed at RSCI, RSCI (WS)

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