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Труды КарНЦ РАН. No 7. Сер. Математическое моделирование и информационные технологии
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A.V. Borodina, V.A. Tishenko. Simulation of nonhomogeneous degradation process in the system with gradual and instantaneous failures3
Yu.V. Zaika, N.I. Rodchenkova, K.V. Grudova. Numerical modelling of dynamics of free boundary of hydride formation14
A.V. Ivanov. Almost fully closed mappings and quasi-$F$-compacta25
A.N. Kirillov, A.M. Sazonov. Global stability in model of non-linear schumpeterian dynamics34
V.D. Kukin. Optimization of Steiner trees search in the flow Steiner tree problem40
M.M. Leri. On comparing configuration graphs robustness in a random environment46
Yu.L. Pavlov. On clustering of conditional configuration graphs62
Yu.L. Pavlov. The structure of a configuration graph with a normally distributed parameter of the power series distribution of vertex degrees62
I.V. Peshkova, A.S. Rumyantsev. Regenerative simulation methods for multiserver systems68
A.N. Rettieva. Ecology-economic system of bioresource' exploitation with vector payoffs83
I.A. Chepliukova. Limit distributions of maximum vertex degree in a conditional configuration graph92
I.A. Chernov. Coupling general ocean circulation models with the BFM marine ecosystem model100
N.Yu. Enatskaya. Analysis of combinatorial schemes in the pre-asymptotic region of parameter change117
N.Yu. Enatskaya. Combinatorial analysis of a combination scheme with restricted steps134
I.A. Chepliukova, Yu.L. Pavlov. Limit distributions of vertex degrees in a conditional configuration graph140
A.N. Kirillov, N.B. Krizhanovskaya, A.A. Krizhanovsky. WSD algorithm based on a new method of vector-word contexts proximity calculation via epsilon-filtration149
E.E. Ivashko. The Third International Scientific Conference «BOINC-based High Performance Computing: Fundamental Research and Development» (BOINC: FAST'2017) (Petrozavodsk, August 28 – September 1, 2017)164
Dates and anniversaries165
Yu.V. Zaika. Tamara P. Tikhomirova (on the 70th anniversary)165
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