The Fifth International Conference "Probabilistic methods in Discrete Mathematics"
Steklov Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Science
Institute of Applied Mathematical Reasearch, Russian Academy of Science
Petrozavodsk State University

June 1-6, 2000.

Simultaneously "The First Symposium on Applied and Industrial Mathematics" will take place (organized with help of "Probability Theory and its Applications" publishers)

Conference Committee
Conference Sections
Conference Languages
Conference Publications
Contact Information

Conference Committee:
V.Y. Kozlov, chairman,
V.F. Kolchin, vice-chairman
V.V. Mazalov, vice-chairman
A.S. Fomin, G.I. Ivchenko, V.I. Khokhlov, V.G. Mikhailov, Y.L. Pavlov, Y.V. Prokhorov, B.Р. Sevastianov, A.D. Sorokin, V.Р. Vatutin, Р.B. Zhizhchenko, A.M. Zubkov

Conference Sections:
  • Probabilistic Problems In Combinatorial Analysis;
  • Statistical Problems In Discrete Mathematics;
  • Mathematical Methods of Information Security;
  • Dynamic Games;

  • Conference Languages:
    Official languages of the conference are Russian and English

    Conference Publications:
    All submitted abstracts will be published in "Surveys of Applied and Industrial Mathematics" before the beginning of the conference, and in "Proceedings of The Fifth International Petrozavodsk Conference".

    The conference and symposium will be held at "Beliye Kluchi" hotel near Petrozavodsk

    During the conference you will have an opportunity to enjoy beautiful Karelian scenery and to visit the famous Kizhi island.

    Contact Information:
    117966, Moscow, ul. Gubkina, 8,
    Steklov Mathematical Institute, room 622,
    "Discrete Mathematics and Applications",
    ph. +7 (095) 9383700,
    fax +7 (095)1350555,
    Valentin Kolchin.

    185610, Petrozavodsk, ul. Pushkinskaya, 11,
    Institute of Applied Mathematical Research (IAMR),
    fax (8142) 776313,
    Yuri L. Pavlov.

    (8142) 771108 director of IAMR, Vladimir V. Mazalov
    (8142) 773470 vice-director of IAMR, Anatoly D. Sorokin
    (8142) 771218 head of the Laboratory of Probability Theory, Yuri L. Pavlov
    (8142) 776313 secretary