Sixth International Petrozavodsk Conference Probabilistic Methods in Discrete Mathematics
June 10-16, 2004, Petrozavodsk

First call for paper

  • Provisional sponsors
  • Conference organizers
  • Conference Organising Committee
  • Local Organising Committee
  • Conference topics
  • Application form
  • Participant accomodation
  • Abstract instructions
  • Telephones, fax, e-mail

    Provisional sponsors include

  • Russian Foundation for Basic Research
  • Editorial Board of the Journal "Survey of Applied and Industrial Mathematics"

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    The conference is organised by

  • Russian Federation Academy of Cryptography
  • Institute of Applied Mathematical Research, KRC of RAS
  • Karelian Research Centre of RAS
  • Steklov Institute of Mathematics of RAS
  • Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics
  • Petrozavodsk State University
  • Journal of "Discrete Mathematics" Editorial Board
  • "Survey of Applied and Industrial Mathematics" (SA&IM) journal Editorial Board
  • "Theory of Probability and Its Applications" journal Editorial Board ("TVP" Scientific Publishers)

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    Conference Organising Committee

    Corresponding member of RAS V.Ya. Kozlov (Chair),
    Prof. V.V. Mazalov (Co-Chair)

    Academician Yu.V. Prokhorov
    Corr. member A.B. Zhizhchenko, corr. member B.A. Sevastjanov,
    V.A. Vatutin, A.V. Voronin, A.M. Zubkov,
    G.I. Ivchenko, A.P. Kovalenko, V.F. Kolchin,
    Yu.I. Maksimov, Yu.I. Medvedev, V.G. Mikhailov,
    Yu.L. Pavlov, L.A. Petrosian, V.N. Sachkov,
    A.D. Sorokin, A.S. Fomin, V.I. Khokhlov

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    Local Organising Committee

    Prof. V.V. Mazalov (Chair),
    E.N. Spector (Secretary for Science),

    A.V. Voronin, D.N. Zhuravlev, A.N. Zapasnaya,
    V.S. Klyputo, Yu.L. Pavlov, A.D. Sorokin,
    G.P. Tikhomirova, A.S. Fomin, I.A. Cheplyukova

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    Conference topics

    1. Probabilistic and statistical problems in discrete mathematics.
    2. Mathematical problems of information protection.
    3. Game theory and optimisation problems.

    The conference is expected to include the course "Theory of Probability and Combinatorics" for young scientists.

    The following events will accompany the conference:

  • Trade show of scientific publications,
  • Software demonstration.

  • If you are willing to take part in the conference, please do the following:

  • Either send by non-registered (!) mail the abstract (if any), inscribed "Ready for print" with a personal signature and date of signing, the fully completed and personally signed application form at:

  • 8 Gubkina St., 119991 Moscow, "TV&P" Editorial Board (for V.F. Kolchin)

  • or deliver the abstract and application form directly to the "SA&IM" Editorial Board in office 802, 47 Nakhimovsky prospect, Moscow (Monday through Friday, 11:00-19:00, tel. 3324451, 3324435.

  • Abstracts of all registered papers will be uploaded to the TVP Scientific Publishers website ( Abstracts of the first 60 registered papers accepted by the Organising Committee and received by the Editorial Board before March 20, 2004 will be published in advance; the rest of the abstracts of the papers accepted by the Organising Committee will be published in September 2004. See overleaf for abstract preparation and payment instructions.

    In order to be able to provide help with getting visas to participants from countries which citizens require a visa to stay in the Russian Federation, the Local Organising Committee must receive all necessary
    information before March 31, 2004.

    The Conference Languages are Russian and English. Please inform the Local Organising Committee of any demand for special demonstration equipment before June 1, 2004.

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    Participant accomodation

    The Local Organising Committee provides help to registered participants with accommodation at the residential accommodation facility - the "White Springs" hotel.

    The "White Springs" hotel is the provisional location for registration and sessions. Accommodation prices are RUR 370 to 920 per person per night depending on the room type, meals not included.

    Please visit the website of Karelian Research Centre for details about room types and prices. The hotel additionally offers a restaurant, a bar, saunas, a swimming pool and utilities. The hotel stands near the scenic shore of Lake Onego in the city park area.

    The booking fee is 25% of the price of one night accommodation. Foreign citizens will also pay a fee for initial registration.

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    Abstract instructions

    1. Abstracts must be submitted in duplicate; abstracts will be published in the coming issues of Volume 11 of the journal "Survey of Applied and Industrial Mathematics". Additional (!) (!) submission of the electronic version (TEX format desirable) marked "for PMDM-VI" would expedite the publication. The file name must begin with the first 7 Latin characters from the family name of the registrated author (co-author). If the versions differ, the name for the publication will be taken from the paper version.

    2. Abstract must include the title of the paper/poster, author's name, town, affiliations.

    3. Abstracts must bear the inscription "Ready for print" with the authors' (co-authors') personal signature and the date of signing. Abstracts submitted in a format other than TEX must be typed with double line spacing and laid out following the instructions published in first issues of volumes of the journals "Survey of Applied and Industrial Mathematics" or "Theory of Probability and Its Applications".

    4. The abstract maximum length is 2500 symbols (~ 1 page in brevier in the journal). Publication of larger abstracts is subject to negotiations (and requires extra costs).

    5. Abstracts shall be considered by the organising committee and published unless the review is negative (abstract rejection does not necessarily mean the author will not be invited to participate). To enable early familiarisation with abstracts of other authors, first corrected abstracts will be published in *.pdf format at the TVP scientific publisher's website, where conference updates can also be found.

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    Telephones, fax, e-mail where you can ask questions and send urgent messages

    In Moscow:
    Lyudmila I. Guerasimova (SA&IM, Director, Editorial Board),
    Vladimir I. Khokhlov (SA&IM):
    (095) 332-4451,

    In Petrozavodsk:
    Ekaterina N. Spector (Secretary for Science of the Local Organising Committee):
    (8142) 78-12-18, ,
    Vladimir V. Mazalov (Chair of the Local Organising Committee):
    (8142) 78-11-08, (8142) 76-63-13 (tel./fax),

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