Parallel Computing Technologies 2015 (PaCT-2015)
August 31 - September 4, 2015. Petrozavodsk, Russia

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  • Technical details
  • Proceedings
  • Language
  • Program committee
  • Important dates
  • Travel information
  • Social program

  • We are pleased to invite you to the School/Conference for young scientists Perspective technologies and computational models. The official language of the event is Russian. The details are on official website of the conference

  • All technological aspects of the applications of parallel computer systems
  • High level parallel programming languages and systems
  • Methods and tools for parallel solution of large-scale problems
  • Languages, environments and software tools supporting parallel processing
  • Operating systems, scheduling, mapping, load balancing
  • General architectural concepts
  • Cellular automata
  • Performance measurement and analysis tools
  • Teaching parallel processing
  • Software for grid and cloud computing
  • Scalable computing
  • Fragmentation and aggregation of algorithms and programs
  • Programs assembling and reuse

    Submissions should be prepared in the style of Springer Verlag LNCS series (Microsoft Word, LaTex).

    The Conference Proceedings are published in the volume 9251 of the Springer Verlag LNCS (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) series and distributed at the Conference. We plan also to publish selected papers in a special issue of an international journal.

    The official language of the Conference is English.


  • V. Malyshkin, Russian Academy of Sciences, Chairman
  • F. Ablaev, Kazan Federal University, Russia
  • S. Abramov, Russian Academy of Sciences
  • F. Arbab, Leiden University & CWI, Netherlands
  • S. Bandini, University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy
  • O. Bandman, Russian Academy of Sciences
  • T. Casavant, University of Iowa, USA
  • P. Degano, University of Pisa, Italy
  • D. Deserable, National Institute for Applied Sciences, Rennes, France
  • S. Gorlatch, University of Muenster, Germany
  • Y. Karpov, St.-Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Russia
  • A. Lastovetsky, University College Dublin, Irland
  • T. Ludwig, German Climate Computing Center, University of Hamburg, Germany
  • G. Mauri, University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy
  • N. Mirenkov, University of Aizu, Japan
  • D. Petcu, West University of Timisoara, Romania
  • V. Prasanna, University of Southern California, USA
  • M. Raynal, IRISA, Rennes, France
  • B. Roux, CNRS, Marseille, France
  • M. Sato, University of Tsukuba, Japan
  • C. Trinitis, Technical University of Munich, Germany; University of Bedfordshire, UK
  • M. Valero, Barcelona Supercomputer Center, Technical University of Catalonia, Spain
  • R. Wyrzykowski, Czestochowa University of Technology, Poland
  • L. T. Yang, St. Francis Xavier University, Canada

  • Organizing committees
    Petrozavodsk organizing committee:
  • V. Mazalov, prof., Head of IAMR
  • A. Pechnikov, IAMR
  • E. Ivashko, IAMR
  • A. Rumiantsev, IAMR
  • N. Nikitina, IAMR
  • A. Golovin, IAMR

  • Novosibirsk organizing committee:
  • Olga Bandman, ICM&MG
  • Maxim Gorodnichev, ICM&MG
  • Valentina Markova, ICM&MG
  • Yuri Medvedev, ICM&MG
  • Mikhail Ostapkevich, ICM&MG
  • Vladislav Perepelkin, ICM&MG
  • Georgy Schukin, ICM&MG
  • Svetlana Achasova, ICM&MG
  • Sergey Kireev, ICM&MG
  • Anastasia Kireeva, ICM&MG

    Submission of the full paperFebruary 15, 2015
    Deadline for extended abstractsMarch 31, 2015
    Notification of acceptanceApril 15, 2015
    Camera-ready version of the accepted paperMay 25, 2014
    Conference datesAugust 31 - Septermber 4, 2015

    The program is available.

    We suggest the participants to consider train connection. Current information about departure/arrival times is given further.
    You can buy tickets online from official site of Russian Railways.
    Saint-Petersburg should be spelled as SANKT-PETERBURG, Petrozavodsk should be spelled as PETROZAVODSK PASS in a ticket search form.
    Exact time table and tickets for Russian trains become available 45 days before departure. You will need your passport when boarding a train. Please ask if you need advice: .

    Types of tickets:
    Compartment: 1 berth in a 4-berth compartment
    Soft: 1 berth in a 2-berth compartment
    Luxury: 1 berth in a 2-berth compartment with shower and WC.
    Seat: sitting place

    Moscow - Petrozavodsk:
    No. 018 (most recommended): 20:42 08:33 - comfortable night train (compartment -- about 46 Euro, soft -- about 90 Euro, luxury -- about 214 Euro)
    No. 016 (recommended): 00:43 16:20 - comfortable train (compartment -- about 45 Euro)
    No. 092: 22:20 12:23 - night train (compartment -- about 26 Euro)

    Saint Petersburg - Petrozavodsk:
    No. 806 (recommended): 18:00 22:55 comfortable sitting train (seat -- about 12 Euro)
    No. 022: 19:48 02:35 (berth in a 4 berth compartment -- about 12 Euro)
    No. 012 (most recommended, but it runs not every day): 23:20 07:00 comfortable night train (compartment -- about 12 Euro, soft -- about 36 Euro),
    No. 016: 9:37 16:20 comfortable train (compartment -- about 26 Euro)

    Current prices are given for your information. Actual prices for August-September can differ and will depend on Euro-Ruble exchange rate changes!

    The main connection point with Europe is Joensuu (Finland). A bus from Joensuu to Petrozavodsk takes approximately 7 hours, the ticket costs about 15 EURO.

    Social program will include a visit to Kizhi Island.

    The Kizhi museum is one of the largest open-air museums in Russia. This is an unique historical, cultural and natural complex and a particularly valuable object of cultural heritage of the peoples of Russia. The basis of the museum collection is the architectural ensemble of the Kizhi Pogost included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO.
    The collection of pieces of wooden architecture on Kizhi Island is united into three large exhibition sectors. Other places of interest are the two historical settlements Yamka Village and Vasilyevo Village and several more pieces of wooden architecture on Kizhi Island. The architectural and ethnographical exhibition of the Kizhi Museum completely represents the traditional peasant culture of the Olonets Province in the XIX the early XX cc., demonstrates the traditional peasant household and spiritual culture.

    There are also some other options for guests.

    The Ruskeala marble quarry (260 km west from Petrozavodsk, close to the border with Finland) is a picturesque natural monument and a mining site. It is filled with pristine groundwater of emerald color. The lenght of the canyon from north to south is 460 meters, width up to 100 meters. The height from the highest point of the side to the bottom is more than 150 meters. Water transparency reaches 18 meters. Picturesque marble quarries have long been mined for building marble cathedrals and palaces of St. Petersburg and other cities. Currently several quarries are abandoned and flooded, but other ones continue to be used for industrial production of stone.

    Martsialnye Vody, or the Waters of Mars, is the oldest spa in Russia, founded in 1719 by Peter the First. Its special treatments are very popular among local visitors which come here to enjoy the healing power of sulfur-smelling mud as well as lovely scenery. The health resort is situated about 50 km away from Petrozavodsk. The delightful natural setting and striking landscape seem to have been made for a spa. Local mineral waters are deemed to have healing powers and the springs are very good to drink. In 1946, a museum commemorating the spas importance, the story of its grand foundation as well as its development and growth over the years was opened here.

    The Kivach Waterfall is the second largest flat land waterfall in Europe, with the height of about 11 meters. It is situated on the Suna River and gives its name to the Kivach Natural Reserve, founded in 1931. The waterfall is surrounded by a large nature reserve, a museum of nature, an arboretum and a monument to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War.
    waterfall Kivatch